Spring Master Bedroom Update

Hey friends, I hope you all had an amazing mothers day. What did y’alls mother day look like? We usually take our moms to brunch but this year it looked a little different. We sat at home on the patio all day and did nothing… and it was AMAZING. Then at 2 p.m. I got the random itch to redo our bedroom and went to target with my mom <3

Man how I’ve missed just walking through Target. It felt so good to get out of the house and shop.

This is what my bedroom looked like before, which is typically my winter bedroom. Everything in my bedroom now is the same minus the euro shams, sheets, throw pillows, and blanket. It’s crazy how just a few items can really change a room. Shop my updated spring bedroom >>here<<.

Our Backyard Oasis

Hey y’all. I’m excited to share with you our backyard patio. Since we aren’t going anywhere anytime soon… thank you Covid-19; This was my main area of focus for spring. I hope you all are doing well during this strange time. Ultimately, we will have a true oasis with a pool/pool house but our boys are just to little right now. In the meantime, I wanted an area where our family can hang out and enjoy the weather.

When we purchased our “fixer upper” the covered portion of our patio was somewhat small. Last fall we decided to add a lean to. Which is essentially a pergola minus two post because it is built off of our garage.

We got all of our patio furniture from Lowe’s several years ago and it’s held up so well. I am ready to change out our cushions to something lighter but they are soo expensive. For our outdoor rugs I used the Quail Hollow rug from My Texas House line by Orian indoor/outdoor rugs. I love her line of rugs. They are super easy to clean. Literally I use dawn dish soap to clean up stains and voila, magic.

Most of my patio decor is from Walmart and part of the Home and Garden collection.

I also created my own faux plant with this super cute planter from Walmart and faux greenery from At Home. If you want to update your patio you should definitely check out walmart or at home for some major backyard inspiration.

You can shop all of my patio sources >>here<< Happy shopping.

Lets Talk

Alright… time to get real. Yes, my sons nursery is super cute. But the story behind his sweet nursery is more than most people know. My husband and I tried for over a year to have our first son. We were to the point to where we were about to start testing to figure out why we couldn’t conceive and then we got pregnant, yay! Nine months after my first son was born I found out unexpectedly I was pregnant with baby number 2. Seriously, I had no clue I was pregnant. I went to the doctor to switch birth control and that’s when I found out I was pregnant. I cried. I was shocked, confused, scared…. I was in the process of starting a new job and didn’t know what to think. 

I was still struggling with anxiety from my first son. My son was almost a year old and I was not able to take him out in public on my own due to my anxiety. Getting pregnant with baby number two unexpectedly only added depression and further anxiety. Looking back now I know this is selfish considering there are so many women who want children and struggle conceiving but emotionally I was not in a good place. I am so grateful for my patient husband, family, and friends. Through counseling I realized I was suffering from postpartum depression and anxiety and since I’ve been focusing on myself I’ve been a better wife, mommy, daughter, friend, etc. Don’t be afraid to seek help mommas! <3 Shop my sweet Hudsy’s Nursery >>>here<<<

Work Work Work Work

I know I posted yesterday about this being the longest week ever and….it was. So what better way to celebrate making it through a long week than to share with you where I spend the majority of my time. I’m not sure why but the office was one of the harder rooms to style for me and I’m still not happy with my bookshelves. In fact, I’ve already restyled them since I took this picture. When me and the hubby went to Waco we found this amazing shop called, The Findery, and I bought a bunch of vintage books and stocked my bookshelves. I also learned something new when styling bookshelves. 

First, you want to start with your books. You want to stack your books vertically and horizontally. When I went to Waco I bought a bunch of books without the hardback so they are all white in my office but if you are working with colors you want to pepper the colors. What that means, don’t put all the same colors together. You want to spread out your colors. Second, add art or picture frames. Personally, when I add pictures frames I prefer to have my prints printed in black and white. Third, mix it up. This is where you add the pretty little things that you find while sipping a $7 latte at Target while your 2 year old and 1 year old are screaming in your buggy….or is that just me? Mix it up with textures, sizes, and tone but be sure to keep a singular color pallet or style. Now whose ready to shop? Click >>here<< to shop my office. 

Longest week ever.ever.ever.ever.

Y’all…. I’ve been slacking big time this week on posting and for that, I’m sorry! This week at work and home has been extremely exhausting however, Wednesday the hubby and I were able to get a date night to celebrate our 9 year wedding anniversary. I’m going to share our art niche with you this evening. Confession…. when we bought this house I had absolutely no clue what an art niche was. I had to ask my real interior design friend (Shout out Whitney Askew) what it was lol but here we are and now its decorated. Check out my room sources >>here<< 

Dirty Laundry

Lets talk laundry… how long does it take y’all to wash, dry, and put away your laundry? I swear it takes me a few days at least. Really the washing and drying isn’t the issue, it’s the putting it away that takes the longest. Oh and I can’t forget the scrubbing of the stains. Our boys are 2 and 1 and they are constantly getting stains on EVERYTHING. I recently started adding some BORAX into every load of their clothes and it has helped getting the last bit of the stain out that the stain remover doesn’t get. Also, our Samsung washer and dryer has a built in washboard which really helps as well. 

Shop my laundry room >>here<<

Also, I did not blog about it but I did a shop my front porch post the other day. If you haven’t seen it check is it now…. here is the >>link<<

Getting Started

Finally…..I am so excited to announce my blog! I have been working really hard trying to get this up and going. Creating a website it not easy you guys. Well at least not for me because I have zero tech savvy skills. But… with the help of my wonderful husband we are up and running.

This weekend we took a mini vacation to Waco, Texas to celebrate 9 years of marriage and getting the website launched. We stayed at the cutest Air BnB which had no TV only WiFi, beautiful views, and cows! The cows were so mystically.

Ok so what’s to come? I am working on content for all of my rooms but this stuff takes time. I ask that you be patient and keep following. Head on over to the SHOP tab to shop my living room or click >>>here<<<.


You guys…. this week has been rough and Sunday we lose an hour of sleep. At least it’s the weekend 🙂 Time to relax and unwind with some wine and cheese. I’m going to order some black and white prints for a picture wall I’ll be working on this weekend. What plans do you have? I’ll update you with my picture wall as soon as it’s complete.

I’ve linked this super cute cheese plate and my wine glasses you can snag on Amazon


Welcome friends! I’m so excited to start sharing things with you all. For my first post I wanted to share a photo of my family. They mean so much to me and inspire me to work harder each and every single day. Well maybe not every day….there are days, like in the photo below, where they test my patience but I wouldn’t change a thing. This is My Crazy Rich Life.