Dirty Laundry

Lets talk laundry… how long does it take y’all to wash, dry, and put away your laundry? I swear it takes me a few days at least. Really the washing and drying isn’t the issue, it’s the putting it away that takes the longest. Oh and I can’t forget the scrubbing of the stains. Our boys are 2 and 1 and they are constantly getting stains on EVERYTHING. I recently started adding some BORAX into every load of their clothes and it has helped getting the last bit of the stain out that the stain remover doesn’t get. Also, our Samsung washer and dryer has a built in washboard which really helps as well. 

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Also, I did not blog about it but I did a shop my front porch post the other day. If you haven’t seen it check is it now…. here is the >>link<<

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