Work Work Work Work

I know I posted yesterday about this being the longest week ever and….it was. So what better way to celebrate making it through a long week than to share with you where I spend the majority of my time. I’m not sure why but the office was one of the harder rooms to style for me and I’m still not happy with my bookshelves. In fact, I’ve already restyled them since I took this picture. When me and the hubby went to Waco we found this amazing shop called, The Findery, and I bought a bunch of vintage books and stocked my bookshelves. I also learned something new when styling bookshelves. 

First, you want to start with your books. You want to stack your books vertically and horizontally. When I went to Waco I bought a bunch of books without the hardback so they are all white in my office but if you are working with colors you want to pepper the colors. What that means, don’t put all the same colors together. You want to spread out your colors. Second, add art or picture frames. Personally, when I add pictures frames I prefer to have my prints printed in black and white. Third, mix it up. This is where you add the pretty little things that you find while sipping a $7 latte at Target while your 2 year old and 1 year old are screaming in your buggy….or is that just me? Mix it up with textures, sizes, and tone but be sure to keep a singular color pallet or style. Now whose ready to shop? Click >>here<< to shop my office.