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Alright… time to get real. Yes, my sons nursery is super cute. But the story behind his sweet nursery is more than most people know. My husband and I tried for over a year to have our first son. We were to the point to where we were about to start testing to figure out why we couldn’t conceive and then we got pregnant, yay! Nine months after my first son was born I found out unexpectedly I was pregnant with baby number 2. Seriously, I had no clue I was pregnant. I went to the doctor to switch birth control and that’s when I found out I was pregnant. I cried. I was shocked, confused, scared…. I was in the process of starting a new job and didn’t know what to think. 

I was still struggling with anxiety from my first son. My son was almost a year old and I was not able to take him out in public on my own due to my anxiety. Getting pregnant with baby number two unexpectedly only added depression and further anxiety. Looking back now I know this is selfish considering there are so many women who want children and struggle conceiving but emotionally I was not in a good place. I am so grateful for my patient husband, family, and friends. Through counseling I realized I was suffering from postpartum depression and anxiety and since I’ve been focusing on myself I’ve been a better wife, mommy, daughter, friend, etc. Don’t be afraid to seek help mommas! <3 Shop my sweet Hudsy’s Nursery >>>here<<<

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