Spring Master Bedroom Update

Hey friends, I hope you all had an amazing mothers day. What did y’alls mother day look like? We usually take our moms to brunch but this year it looked a little different. We sat at home on the patio all day and did nothing… and it was AMAZING. Then at 2 p.m. I gotContinue reading “Spring Master Bedroom Update”

Our Backyard Oasis

Hey y’all. I’m excited to share with you our backyard patio. Since we aren’t going anywhere anytime soon… thank you Covid-19; This was my main area of focus for spring. I hope you all are doing well during this strange time. Ultimately, we will have a true oasis with a pool/pool house but our boysContinue reading “Our Backyard Oasis”

Lets Talk

Alright… time to get real. Yes, my sons nursery is super cute. But the story behind his sweet nursery is more than most people know. My husband and I tried for over a year to have our first son. We were to the point to where we were about to start testing to figure outContinue reading “Lets Talk”

Work Work Work Work

I know I posted yesterday about this being the longest week ever and….it was. So what better way to celebrate making it through a long week than to share with you where I spend the majority of my time. I’m not sure why but the office was one of the harder rooms to style forContinue reading “Work Work Work Work”

Longest week ever.ever.ever.ever.

Y’all…. I’ve been slacking big time this week on posting and for that, I’m sorry! This week at work and home has been extremely exhausting however, Wednesday the hubby and I were able to get a date night to celebrate our 9 year wedding anniversary. I’m going to share our art niche with you thisContinue reading “Longest week ever.ever.ever.ever.”

Dirty Laundry

Lets talk laundry… how long does it take y’all to wash, dry, and put away your laundry? I swear it takes me a few days at least. Really the washing and drying isn’t the issue, it’s the putting it away that takes the longest. Oh and I can’t forget the scrubbing of the stains. OurContinue reading “Dirty Laundry”

Getting Started

Finally…..I am so excited to announce my blog! I have been working really hard trying to get this up and going. Creating a website it not easy you guys. Well at least not for me because I have zero tech savvy skills. But… with the help of my wonderful husband we are up and running.Continue reading “Getting Started”


Welcome friends! I’m so excited to start sharing things with you all. For my first post I wanted to share a photo of my family. They mean so much to me and inspire me to work harder each and every single day. Well maybe not every day….there are days, like in the photo below, whereContinue reading “Welcome”