Shop My Front Porch

S P R I N G is finally here! I don’t know about you but spring is my favorite season! Probably because I am slightly OCD and I can blame someone/something else for my obsessive cleaning and organizing. Last weekend I worked on our front porch. I bought these beautiful Ferns and Hydrangeas from Lowe’s. 

A little side note… We bought this house last summer and I can’t believe the owners left behind these gorgeous planters. I think these things weigh over 50 pounds each without anything planted in them. I made the mistake of moving them off the front porch to remove the ferns I killed from last year (oopppps) and then replanted them with the new ones…. AND well they felt like they must have weighed 100 pounds each #sorryhubby. 

Anyways, what do y’all think of the front porch? I feel like the front porch is the first statement of your home. Even if you don’t love the front of your home you can make it feel warm and welcoming with some cute decor! Below I tagged some of my decor. Happy Shopping -XoXo

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